This is how Made-to-order works

As part of our sustainability ethos; and aiming to tread lighter on this earth, we are now making each piece upon purchase. This means that your swimsuit will be made specially for you, without us carrying extra stock we don't need and moving away from a fast sale mentality. With our own in-house team, we can make your order within days.

Step 1: Your order is processed and scheduled for production.
Step 2: Your sustainable fabric and materials are checked and then cut to your style and size.
Step 3: Your cut fabric is then allocated to one of our talented machine technicians for sewing.
Step 4: All the final finishes touches such as hardware and labels are added to your sewn swim.
Step 5: Your swim proceeds to the last quality check.
Step 6:  Your finished swim pieces are packaged and wrapped, ready to dispatch from our Bali Studio.

Step 7: You will then be notified with a shipping confirmation. All orders are shipped with DHL Express (from Indonesia) or Australia Post (from Australia). Please note there may be  shipping delays due to COVID-19 globally.

This process normally takes up to 5 working days from order confirmation, however please allow up to 3 weeks during busier periods. They will be sent out sooner if possible. Once your order has been dispatched we will send you a notification email. To learn more about our 'Made-to-order' process and meet our wonderful makers, please view the link here.