Art: Japanese Sumi Ink by Janice Law

little miso_x_palmswimwearJanice_law_x_palm_swimwear
Introducing the expressive and fluid illustration work of Japan-based, Australian graphic designer, Janice Law. 
Each design was exclusively hand-painted by Janice Law (aka Little Miso) for PALM’s Summer 16/17 collection, QUALIA, based on the underwater world. The prints in the collection are a visual exploration of shapes, colours and sensations that exist beneath the surface of our seas. Tropical fish, vibrant coral and patterned shells have been hand painted using Japanese sumi ink on calligraphy rice paper, mixing modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Working as a graphic designer for 8 years has taught Janice to find a balance between fluidity and refinement. She regularly works with inks and watercolour to create loose, organic illustrations. She is inspired by the precision of Japanese craftsmanship balanced by the wabi-sabi aesthetic of transience and imperfection.
Janice uses Japanese sumi ink on calligraphy rice paper. The inks move fluidly and unpredictably on the paper, which are fitting to represent water and the underwater world. Rice paper holds the ink incredibly well but is so fragile and delicate, creating a bleeding effect. "I started by testing ink on different water bases and paper stocks, then made marks to see how they would combine, merge and attract. The flow of the piece is very important", Janice Law.

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